Career opportunities

Oventus is innovative, new company and professionals are quickly hearing about how this ground-breaking new technology – the O2Vent – is radically changing the lives of the patients with sleep-disordered breathing.

A Queensland-based business, Oventus is quickly growing across Australia and soon across the world. We are opening a new manufacturing department in Brisbane and Melbourne and also have clinics and clinicians across Australia.

We are looking for innovative and adaptable staff who will contribute to and grow with the business. We are looking for professionals to fill a number of different roles within the business.

Some examples of the types of professionals we are regularly looking for include people with skills in:

  • patient and customer service management
  • clinical delivery (particularly sleep technologists and dentists)
  • product assembly (particularly applications from dental technicians)
  • clinical trials and research
  • engineering

If you have skills in any of these areas, and would like to be considered for current or upcoming positions at Oventus, please send your application to

Oventus Clinicians

If you are a sleep physician, general practitioner, dentist or pharmacist interested in doing the training to provide the O2Vent through your own practice, please register your details on our clinician registration page.