Design & Technology

Design and Technology


In 2013, Oventus started working with the CSIRO to design the O2Vent – a new style of bespoke mouthguard – that has the potential to change the lives of snorers and people with sleep-disordered breathing.

The O2Vent’s unique design directs the air flow through to the back of the throat, alleviating multiple sites of obstruction including the nose, soft palate and tongue.

The device incorporates a ‘duckbill’ which extends from the mouth like a whistle and creates separate airway that allows air to flow directly to the back of the mouth.

Using CAD software to create a 3D drawing of the patient’s mouth and bite, Oventus then uses 3D printing technology to manufacture a custom-made medical-grade mouthguard from titanium.

Oventus is currently conducting early research into a tongue retainer working with the O2Vent to retain the tongue to further clear the airway for some patients. The Research & Development team are also researching into future connecting the O2Vent with positive airway pressure machines, but without a mask.

This 3D scanning and printing technology will also be used to make other custom-made mouthguard devices.