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Oventus clinical director Dr Chris Hart regularly comments in online, print, radio and television media about sleep-disordered breathing and other related clinical issues.

The Oventus media kit contains background information about Oventus, sleep apnoea, the O2Vent and a profile on Dr Chris Hart.



Recent News


Dr Chris Hart talks to Perth Tonight with Chris Ilsley about the O2Vent and sleep apnoea

Clinical Director Dr Chris Hart talks on 6PR about how government funding into the sleep apnoea epidemic is allowing Oventus to test an alternative to the CPAP machine via an oral device with in-built airway technology. Listen to this great interview from 14 February 2017.


Millions granted to study sleep apnoea epidemic

Oventus Medical has won a three million dollar Federal Government grant to continue research into the growing epidemic of sleep apnoea. The Brisbane-based company was yesterday awarded $2,950,000 over three years for the project, “Targeted therapy for sleep apnoea: A novel personalised approach”. Oventus will be lead participant in the study to look at ways …

USA San Francisco launch pic Jan 2017

Can this Aussie invention cure snoring?

Oventus USA launch event: CSIRO Global’s General Manager Nigel Warren; Oventus VP Marketing, Sales and Commercialisation, Elise Hogan; Dr Amanda Cheng; Dr Chris Hart, Dr Michael Sodeifi January 2017: An Australian invention changing the way sleep disorders are treated was launched in the United States on Saturday January 21. San Francisco and the Bay area is …


Ch7 News – Brisbane invention helping sleep apnoea sufferers rest easy

The Oventus O2Vent T oral device is featured in the Channel 7 News story (link below) and is providing relief to sufferers of snoring and sleep apnoea. The device is provided by trained dentists Australia wide. Contact Oventus on 1300 533 159 if you would like further information.

CSIRO opening Low Res

Oventus launches cutting-edge 3D printing facility

Brisbane based medical device company, Oventus Medical launched their new Victorian 3D printing facility at CSIRO on 8 December. The additive manufacturing plant that uses titanium 3D printing technology to produce the customised O2Vent sleep apnoea device, is located at CSIRO’s Clayton site adjacent to their Lab 22 additive manufacturing centre. The state-of-the-art facility is …

Minister Hunts video message

Minister for Innovation, Industry and Science applauds Oventus 3D printing facility opened at CSIRO’s Clayton site

The Minister for Innovation, Industry and Science, the Hon Greg Hunt released a video message on 8 December to applaud the opening of the Oventus 3D titantium printing facility at CSIRO’s Clayton site last week. Click below to view the Hon Greg Hunt MP’s message. This facility will manufacture the titantium component of the O2Vent …

CSIRO facility low res image

Video link: Introducing the OVENTUS O2 Vent™ Oral Appliance

CSIRO and Oventus first worked together to develop the O2Vent™ device in 2013. The Oventus additive manufacturing facility at Clayton uses 3D printed titanium technology to produce their customised product that treats obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) and snoring. The successful collaboration between the two organisations has resulted in innovation in computational modelling, and 3D design …

ASX CEO Series image 15 Nov 2016

Oventus Medical (ASX:OVN) Clinical Director Dr Chris Hart presents at the ASX CEO Session in Sydney

Oventus Medical (ASX:OVN) Clinical Director Dr Chris Hart presents at the ASX CEO Session in Sydney, 15 November 2016 Oventus Medical is an Australian medical device company. We have a proprietary oral appliance and we are working in the area of sleep-disordered breathing from snoring to obstructive sleep apnoea. We aim to become a global …

ASX Oventus interview image (Custom)

Finance News Network interviews Oventus Medical Founder Dr Chris Hart during ASX Spotlight Series

Finance News Network interviews Dr Chris Hart about the Oventus Medical Limited (ASX:OVN) obstructive sleep apnoea product, the O2 Vent. View this great interview from 4 November 2016. “Oventus Medical is an Australian-based device manufacturer, and we’re operating in the sleep-disordered breathing space. So, our first device is an oral appliance which treats snoring and …

O2Vent T DL Lower (2)

Oventus Medical Receives FDA Clearance for the O2Vent T

Australian medical device company, Oventus Medical Ltd. has received clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the O2Vent™ T device, an oral appliance intended to reduce or alleviate snoring, mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) and sever sleep apnoea when the patient is intolerant to Continous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)¹ devices. …

The Australian

The treatments for sleep disorders are improving

Oventus are proud to have our O2Vent device featured today in The Australian. Sleep disorders are a real problem for so many people. Our 3D printed titanium oral devices are bringing relief to snorers and people suffering sleep-disordered breathing around Australia. Click here to read the article. www.oventus.com.au 1300 533 159


New world-first snoring device promises a quieter night’s sleep

  Nine News reports on how the Oventus O2Vent device is providing a solution to many sufferers of snoring and sleep disordered breathing. Click this link to view the story. We are holding clinical trials in Brisbane. If you are Brisbane based and would like to ask about participation in the study, call Breathing Assist …

scientific image

Oventus announces members of Australian Multidisciplinary Scientific Advisory Committee

Sleep disorder device manufacturer and developer Oventus Medical Ltd. (ASX: OVN) is pleased to announce the formation of the company’s Australian Scientific Advisory Committee. The committee will aim to meet as a group twice a year and will be consulted at various times throughout the course of a product’s development cycle in preparation for clinical …

FNN interview image 2

Finance News Network discusses the successful Oventus ASX listing with Dr Chris Hart

Finance News Network discusses the successful Oventus ASX listing with Dr Chris Hart.  View this great interview from 22 July 2016. Dr Chris Hart also explains how the device has a significant point of difference, with a unique patented airway that is a paradigm shift in the treatment of sleep apnoea and has the ability to bypass …

Happy Female Doctor Sitting With Patient On Couch Writing On Clipboard

First patient with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea recruited for new clinical trial – July 2016 (Trial now closed)

Sleep disorder device manufacturer and developer Oventus Medical Ltd. (ASX: OVN) is pleased to announce the recruitment of the first patient with obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) in its latest clinical trial. The trial is designed to produce data around the comfort, safety and efficacy of the O2VentTM T, as well as the comfort and efficacy of …


Dr Chris Hart talks on 2GB about the benefits of the O2Vent

Dr Chris Hart talks on 2GB about the benefits of the 02Vent on the Chris Moore Show. Listen to this great interview from 5 July 2016.

dental surgery (Small)

Oventus are sponsoring upcoming clinical trials using the new generation O2Vent

Oventus are sponsoring upcoming clinical trials using the new generation O2VentTM oral appliance for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. Breathing Assist Solutions in Brisbane are currently looking for volunteers who suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnoea to participate in these trials. Places are limited so please call as soon as possible on 1300 416 743 …

Oventus logo - high res close

Oventus announces its successful ASX Listing

Sleep disorder device manufacturer and developer Oventus Medical Ltd. (ASX: OVN) is pleased to announce its successful listing on the ASX on 19 July 2016 with a fully subscribed IPO.  This heralds plans to grow and disrupt the multi-billion dollar global sleep devices market. To achieve these growth plans, Oventus has: Registered its next generation …


The kiss of life – no need to be down in the mouth about snoring – Sleep Awareness Week July 4 to July 10

For the first time, inventors of a revolutionary sleep device have created a solution to improve oxygen levels for people who breathe through either their mouth or nose. The O2Vent TTM developed by Australian medical device company Oventus, is a custom-made oral mouthguard that incorporates an airway that directs air to the back of the …

O2Vent T DL Lower (2)

Oventus announces the launch of the new O2Vent T

Oventus is proud to announce the launch a new model of the O2Vent Mono – the O2Vent T. Just like its predecessor, this a custom-made comfortable oral device which is designed for snorers and people with sleep disordered breathing. The new titratable version (pictured) incorporates a small adjustment key which allows for forward or backward …

Oventus logo - high res close

Oventus opens IPO

Oventus is pleased to announce it has launched a fully underwritten Initial Public Offer to raise $12 million. Oventus is offering 24 million shares to be listed on the Australian Securities Exchange at $0.50 a share. Oventus recently received clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration to market the O2VENTTM device, providing further validation …

corbin barry

Q&A with Breathing Assist clinician Corbin Barry

Breathing Assist has opened its doors in Sydney this month. We talk to clinician Corbin Barry about the O2Vent: What is your role at Breathing Assist? I’m a qualified dental practitioner providing the O2Vent to patients suffering with sleep apnoea and/or snoring. What attracted you to this position? I am interested in the holistic approach to …

dent260515-37 (Small)

Oventus set to deliver in land of opportunity with flagship sleep device

A Brisbane medical device company is poised to take on the world sleep disorder market with a US launch of its bespoke mouthguard. Oventus Medical will preview their O2Vent device this week at the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine’s 25th Annual Meeting (June 9-11) and at Sleep 2016 (June 11-15) – the world’s largest …

Titratable edited low res

Oventus’s flagship device rebranded

To herald the launch of a brand new sleep device which will be added later this year to the Oventus family, we have changed the name of the Oventus Clearway Device to the O2Vent Mono. The O2Vent Mono will continue to be manufactured to the same high quality, only with a new name. This change …


The sleep medical device that promises a good night’s sleep

3D printed mouthguard developed by Australian medical device company Oventus Clinically proven to reduce or alleviate snoring* Innovative design incorporates an additional airway that directs air to the back of the throat A ground-breaking medical mouthguard invented by a Queensland dentist is poised to take on the multi-billion dollar world sleep disorder market. Sleep disorders …


Oventus receives FDA clearance for its 3D printed oral appliance to treat sufferers of sleep apnoea and snoring

Australian medical device company, Oventus, has received clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the O2VENTTM device1, an oral appliance intended to reduce or alleviate snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnoea, OSA. The device is indicated for use during sleep to aid in the treatment of these conditions. The O2VENT …

dent260515-38 (Small)

Oventus launches new manufacturing facility

Brisbane medical device company Oventus has launched its first onshore manufacturing facility at Indooroopilly. The 325sqm facility will manufacture a range of devices for sleep disordered breathing and will also run a patient clinic. The company’s flagship product, the Oventus Clearway Device, is a 3D titanium printed mouthguard which aims to treat sufferers of snoring …

Senior passenger sleeping on airplane while air hostess is removing glasses

Are you having trouble sleeping on a plane?

Have you recently arrived home from holidays feeling tired and jetlagged? Do you suffer from sleep apnoea and use CPAP and find it hard to sleep without your CPAP machine on an aeroplane? Are you embarrassed to sleep in case you snore? If you’re one of the one million Australians who suffer from the severe condition …

mel bridges

Appointment of Mel Bridges as Chairman of Oventus

Brisbane medical device company Oventus has much pleasure in announcing the appointment of Dr Mel Bridges as Chairman. Mel Bridges has highly respected achievements in the biotechnology and life sciences sector and was the co-founder of ASX-listed Brisbane biotechnology companies Pan Bio and Impedimed. He has served on the boards of ASX-listed Alchemia (Chairman), Tissue …


Common treatments for sleep apnoea

There are many different treatments for sleep apnoea. If you think you may have a sleep-disorder like sleep apnoea or would like to change your sleep-disorder treatment, make sure you seek medical advice from a sleep physician about your specific circumstances.  CPAP for sleep apnoea Continuous Positive Airflow Pressure (CPAP) is the most common treatment for …

dent260515-2 (Medium)

A personal message from Oventus

I am personally writing to you to thank you for being one of the thousands of people that have supported Oventus as we launched our Oventus Clearway Device. The team at Oventus and I have been extremely humbled by the response from the public. Unfortunately we have been unable to show our appreciation for your support …


Do you think you could suffer from mild, moderate or severe sleep apnoea?

Sleep apnoea occurs when a person regularly stops breathing for 10 seconds or longer during sleep. It can be mild, moderate, or severe, based on the number of times an hour that they stop breathing (apnoea) or that airflow to your lungs is reduced (hypopnea). This is called the apnoea-hypopnea index (AHI). Obstructive sleep apnoea …

Website capture

Are you having trouble getting in contact with Oventus on the phone?

Thanks to last Friday night’s story on A Current Affair about the Oventus Clearway Device, our phones have been running hot. Unfortunately, however, this means that many people wanting purchase a device or find out if they are suitable are not able to get through. If you are having trouble getting through to our clinical …

Snore No More - A Current Affair

Snore no more – Oventus put to test by A Current Affair

The momentum for the Oventus Clearway Device is building! Not only is the Oventus Clearway Device clearly showing it is changing the sleeping habits of snorers and sleep apnoea sufferers, it seems it is also becoming a marriage saver too. The Oventus Clearway Device was put to the test on Friday 11 September by Channel 9’s A Current Affair – Snore …

dent260515-37 (Small)

How is the Oventus Clearway Device different from other oral devices on the market?

An estimated one million people in Australia have sleep apnoea. Globally the number is estimated to be about 100 million but only 10 per cent are treated. This number is expected to grow substantially with increased obesity and the ageing population. Four per cent of men and two per cent of women are affected by sleep …


Expert tips for getting started with your new Oventus Clearway Device

Studies show that more than 75 per cent of people with sleep-disordered breathing improve their sleep significantly using any oral device on the market. About 54 per cent improve to measure an AHI level of less than 10. Of those who do not improve to less than 10, 21 per cent of these will improve …

CSIRO sleep apnea snapshot

CSIRO’s snapshot says “snore no more” with Oventus

CSIRO’s August edition of news bulletin snapshot  has covered the clinical trial results of the Oventus Clearway Device. The link to this snapshot article has been provided with permission from the CSIRO.

Clinical Data Comparison Table

news.com.au covers new Oventus Clearway Device

news.com.au has run a story on the new Oventus Clearway Device and the recent successful clinical trials.

dent260515-52 (Small)

Successful completion of Oventus clinical trial for sleep apnoea mouthguard

A ground-breaking medical mouthguard invented by a Queensland dentist is poised to take on the world sleep disorder market following highly successful clinical trial results released today. The Oventus Clearway DeviceTM is the first and only sleep therapy device in the world which allows air to flow through to the back of the throat bypassing nasal, …


All I want for Christmas is a good night’s sleep…

Published in news@csiro, 18 December 2014 …A good night’s sleep, a good night sleep. Sing it with us now, snorers and snorer sufferers of Australia! Because we might be able to help. Sleep apnoea is just, well, horrible. It’s a condition where the air passage in the throat becomes blocked during sleep and causes people to …