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Oventus has no control over the content and production of this video. Oventus use it with permission from the CSIRO. Before making any change to your sleep-disorder treatment, seek medical advice from a sleep physician.

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New world-first snoring device promises a quieter night’s sleep

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Nine News reports on how the Oventus O2Vent device is providing a solution to many sufferers of snoring and sleep disordered breathing. Click this link to view the story.

We are holding clinical trials in Brisbane. If you are Brisbane based and would like to ask about participation in the study, call Breathing Assist Solutions on 1300 416 743.

If you don’t live in Brisbane, the device is also commercially available, having been launched in Australia on 1 July, 2016. ¬†Please call 1300 533 159 to discuss if this device can assist you and to locate a clinic near you.



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