Treatment Process

Treatment Process

To obtain an O2Vent, the fitting and manufacturing process takes about four weeks. Below is our simple eight-step treatment process. To start your process, call us on toll free 1300 533 159 or email

If you think you may have a sleep-disorder or would like to change your current sleep-disorder treatment, please seek medical advice from a sleep physician.

1. Make contact with Oventus

You can make contact with Oventus in a few ways:

2. Provide your personal and medical information

Once you are sure you would like a device, we will gather all your medical information. We will need this information before your initial appointment. Don’t worry if you are not too technology-savvy. We’ll help you through the process if necessary.

3. Have a diagnostic sleep study

If you have not had a sleep study in recent years, you will need to have one. Please discuss having a diagnostic sleep study done with your clinician.

4. Attend your initial appointment

Oventus Clinicians are currently located in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Tasmania, Perth, Darwin, the Gold Coast, Cairns and some regional areas in New South Wales and Victoria. Please call 1300 533 159 to find the clinician nearest to you.

During your initial appointment with a clinician, we will check all your medical information. Your clinician will also take a bite registration and impressions of your top and bottom teeth.

5. 3D scan and 3D print

Once you have paid for your device, your bite registration and impressions are scanned on a CAD 3D scanner and custom made using titanium on a 3D printer. Once printed, your custom-made mouthguard is fitted with hand-made plastic moulds to fit your teeth.

6. Checking and delivery of device

Before delivery through your clinician, your device is hand polished, cleaned and checked.

7. Follow up sleep study

Once you have your O2Vent device, you will need to have a follow up two night sleep study – the first night sleeping with your device and the second night sleeping without your device. We can arrange an at home sleep study or you can arrange one with your sleep physician.

8. Keep in touch

We encourage you to stay in touch with your clinician to ensure your device is working for you.