Meet O2Vent OptimaTM

The O2Vent OptimaTM offers a life-changing alternative to CPAP machines, to treat your snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA)*. The development of the O2Vent OptimaTM was designed to meet the unmet needs of you, the sleep apnoea sufferer, because we know when you sleep well, you live well! The effects of sleep apnoea go far beyond snoring and drowsiness. If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnoea or suspect you have it, you know how it can negatively affect your health, work and personal life. The O2Vent OptimaTM is designed especially for those struggling with CPAP therapy, those that have tried “other” oral appliances and did not respond well or those that desire a more discreet therapy and freedom from being hooked up to a machine.

O<sub>2</sub>Vent Optima<sup>TM</sup>

The O2Vent OptimaTM

A customised 3D printed nylon oral device, not only advances the jaw forward to open your airway, it incorporates the proprietary Oventus Airway Technology to improve the effectiveness of oral appliance therapy.

  • Light weight
  • Comfortable
  • Discreet
  • Less jaw advancement
  • Offers flexibility for travel
  • Durable

Listen to Dr Chris Hart, Oventus inventor, as he explains how the O2Vent OptimaTM offers a life-changing alternative.

What is Oventus Airway Technology?

An airway channel has been incorporated into each O2VentTM device that enables air to flow through the device to the back of the throat, bypassing common sites of obstruction such as the nose, tongue and soft palate. The O2Vent OptimaTM is a particularly helpful treatment for sleep apnoea if you:

  • Suffer nasal obstruction
  • Are a mouth breather or change to mouth breathing during sleep
  • Can’t tolerate CPAP machines or full face masks
  • Still suffer excessive tiredness during the day

To view O2VentTM Optima User Instructions, click here.
To order more Connector Bands for titration of your O2VentTM Optima, ask your prescribing dentist or email [email protected].

O<sub>2</sub>Vent Optima<sup>TM</sup>
The O2Vent OptimaTM enables air to flow through the device to the back of the throat.

O2Vent OptimaTM will be available in Australia from January 2019

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*Oventus devices may offer a suitable treatment to those who cannot tolerate Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy. Oral devices are not generally accepted as the first line treatment for sleep apnoea. Diagnosis and monitoring by a suitably qualified healthcare professional is required.